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With Qynn’s business intelligence package, you have the ability to interrogate and analyse any of our 2.5 billion (and growing) data points, on any UK company or director, and then analyse it against a wide range of variables, including location, industry, and more. Reports you generate with Qynn are fully customisable, so you control exactly what and how you visualise your data, with the option to apply your own branding to visuals. Finally, resulting data can be overlaid against any one of our 50+ templates, or a design of your own, meaning every report will have a unique perspective on your chosen data.


With the Playground, Qynn allows anyone to easily visualise the networks created over a company’s lifetime. Fully customisable and fully variable, any company or officer network can be broken down by time, geography, cluster and hierarchy.

Advanced machine learning algorithms power network and influencer visualisation within the Playground, granting you the critical ability to examine significant individuals around a company or officer. Every company map generated is unique and under your control; take a look at our samples for an idea of what the Playground can achieve for you.


Complex corporate structures can leave even the best accountants with headaches. Hunter revolutionises the process of PSC identification by creating a visual network of all group companies using our proprietary algorithms – in turn, providing a step-by-step guide to all sub-companies within the chain, including the ultimate parent company.