Qynn democratises company data, providing you with a single, easy-to-use source of visual, relational and transactional company financial information. Put Qynn to work for you and gain insight into the inner workings of every company in the UK.


Qynn adopts a cutting-edge approach to company data. Use smart visualisation to make complex data simple to understand and easy to interpret, and employ Qynn’s wealth of report builders and infographics to gain access to everything from your local coffee shop to the nationwide coffee industry.


Qynn allows you to interrogate data spontaneously and incisively. Make the most of visualised, relational data to create new meaning: reveal patterns and trends, identify tell-tale activity, and uncover latent markers for growth and decline.


Qynn covers every UK company and director from the last 20 years – and discloses all the relationships and connections in between. Take control of Qynn’s advanced algorithms and make data deliciously simple to navigate.

Learn through connected data

Data, connected.

Our algorithms allow you to structure our data as needed, giving you the complete picture.

Micro, macro or both?

Discover a new perspective

From the macro to the micro, with Qynn’s business intelligence filters you control what you see.

Connections made simple

Clarify connections

Using relational data, Qynn connects the dots and gives you a coherent global outlook on directors.

Reporting on demand

Reporting on demand

Qynn’s innovative reporting structure concentrates massive amounts of data into clear, intelligible reports on any UK company or director.

Automated watch-lists

Automated watch-lists

Set up automated watch-lists with Qynn to monitor the companies and industries important to you.

Build anything

Create and discover

Customise and build the data set you need. Profit and loss against cash balance? Solvency against debtors and creditors? Qynn has it covered.

Start exploring

Start exploring

Our intelligent software systems allow you to start producing meaningful findings right away.

Interactive real time

Interactive, real time

Qynn updates autonomously and in real time. Combine this with the Watchlist function and receive real-time updates and alerts directly to your inbox.

Mobile first

On the go

Mobile first, intuitive and built for purpose. Take Qynn’s dataset on the go, with the capacity to explore in more detail with the expanded landscape orientation.