What is Qynn?

With over 4bn data points on 5.5m+ companies and 10m+ individuals, we convert data into graphs and charts meaning you get the insight you need, first time.

From consolidated and customisable financials including Balance Sheet and P&L data, Cap Tables and Shareholder information through to free credit scores using our Qynn Score technology, shared director profiles and quick view networks of the company and directors, Qynn continuously updates in real time and is unlimited.

What is included?

Everything. Our dynamic data set, updating in real time and is unlimited in use.

No data caps.

We believe that great insight and information shouldn’t be capped, that’s why we don't limit your usage.

How do we do it?

Qynn is made possible through the use of sophisticated algorithms that converts data into charts and graphs. Our visual first approach allows you to concentrate on rapidly understanding your chosen target rather than worrying about which spreadsheet you last opened and if you updated the right file.

Simple, relevant.

Qynn democratises company data, providing you with a single, easy-to-use source of visual, relational and transactional company financial information. Put Qynn to work for you and gain insight into the inner workings of every company in the UK.

Visual, unified.

Qynn adopts a cutting-edge approach to company data. Use smart visualisation to make complex data simple to understand and easy to interpret, to gain access to everything from your local coffee shop to the nationwide coffee industry.

Insightful, intuitive.

Qynn allows you to interrogate data spontaneously and incisively. Make the most of visualised, relational data to create new meaning: reveal patterns and trends, identify tell-tale activity, and uncover latent markers for growth and decline.

Connected, intelligent.

Qynn covers every UK company and director from the last 20 years – and discloses all the relationships and connections in between. Take control of Qynn’s advanced algorithms and make data deliciously simple to navigate.