Know your customer better – research their chain of ownership

Picture the scene. An email arrives from the procurement manager of a construction company 30 miles away. You’ve heard about a few of their projects in recent months, and they want your firm to supply materials at two new sites they’re developing. It could mean a lucrative step up for your business, which has survived those critical first few years and is heading towards its fifth birthday.

By QYNN in August 2019

Why you need more than a credit check when doing business

It’s a terrible feeling when you’ve worked hard to line up a new business relationship with a company but later discover that they’ve let you down. It could be that they’re behind on paying that crucial first invoice. Maybe their deliveries are unreliable. Or, perhaps they’re not repaying a loan or credit extended according to the agreed schedule. Whatever the reason, it can end up having an impact on your own business, your ability to keep customers happy and meet your own financial obligations. This is why companies large and small run business credit checks whenever setting up a new account.

By QYNN in July 2019

Why use the Companies House website when you can use Qynn?

Surviving and thriving in the world of modern business is tricky at the best of times. While company owners and managers can’t control major political and economic events such as Brexit or the threat of trade wars, one thing they can do is keep on top of information directly relating to their company. For organisations large and small, gathering business intelligence on potential partners, investors, lenders, suppliers and customers helps mitigate risks. It might even save your company.

By QYNN in June 2019

Seven reasons to check suppliers and customers

Every day, business owners and managers have to make decisions. It comes with the territory.These decisions can be anything from buying a large piece of new equipment to speed up production, hiring two sales people to help increase turnover or switching to a new component supplier to reduce costs by 15%.

By QYNN in May 2019

Eight ways to quickly gauge the health of a company

Entrepreneurs, investors, buyers, suppliers, lenders and more – across the business community it’s handy to know whether or not the companies you’re dealing with are in a healthy state. A flashy website, sparkling new sign and a fleet of the latest cars doesn’t always tally with the numbers, nor what goes on behind the scenes.

By QYNN in April 2019

Say hello to Qynn –business intelligence at your fingertips

Uncertainty isn’t good for business. It might be a cliché, but it’s true.Now say ‘Hello’ to Qynn -the new online platform that helps entrepreneurs and businesses take away some of that uncertainty and make better, more informed decisions.

By QYNN in March 2019