With Qynn you'll see the bigger picture. There’s a lot under the hood but it's deliciously simple on the surface.

Learn through connected data

Learn through connected data

Qynn’s data is structured, connected and relational, giving you the complete picture of your chosen subject or field.

Micro, macro or both?

Micro, macro or both?

Qynn's business intelligence filters visualise everything. Like it. Download it. Keep it. Reference it.

Start exploring

Start exploring

Use our intelligent software to start producing data that means something. Overlay any data set onto our maps and start exploring.


Qynn’s business intelligence package has been designed to allow you to interrogate and analyse any data point on any company or director against a number of variables including location and/or industry.

  • 2.5bn+ data points
  • Fully customisable reporting
  • apply your own branding

The resulting data can be overlaid against a bespoke template you design or against one of 50+ templates that we have designed. Each report generated is unique and whilst we have provided some samples for you to play with, where you go is entirely down to you.


What will you discover today?


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Sample Analytics

Qynn Aspire

Get unlimited access to Qynn.

  • Unlock 2.5bn+ data points
  • View full records of all UK directors, shareholders and companies
  • Relational data, full reporting and business intelligence
  • Qynn score: solvency ratio on individual and company
  • Create unique reports on any aspect of local and national economic data on any company or person
Qynn Quantum

Quantum is currently in development. However, if you would like to know more, please contact us.

Quantum Query

+ Aspire... and...

  • Brand your own reports
  • Unlimited company and director reports
  • Generate custom reports using our state of the art Business Intelligence package
  • Automate reporting
  • Performance watchdog