With Qynn you'll see the bigger picture. Bespoke reporting to granular level on all UK Companies and Officers.

Learn through connected data

Data, connected

Our algorithms allow you to structure our data as needed, giving you the complete picture.

Micro, macro or both?

Discover a new perspective

From the macro to the micro, with Qynn’s business intelligence filters you control what you see.

Start exploring

Start exploring

Our intelligent software systems allow you to start producing meaningful findings right away.


Qynn has been designed with businesses in mind.

With Qynn’s business intelligence package, you have the ability to interrogate and analyse any of our 2.5 billion (and growing) data points, on any UK company or director, and then analyse it against a wide range of variables, including location, industry, and more. Reports you generate with Qynn are fully customisable, so you control exactly what and how you visualise your data, with the option to apply your own branding to visuals. Finally, resulting data can be overlaid against any one of our 50+ templates, or a design of your own, meaning every report will have a unique perspective on your chosen data.

Take a look at our samples for an idea of what Qynn can do for you. Where will you begin today?

  • More than 2.5 billion data points
  • Fully customisable reporting
  • Option to apply your own branding

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