Harness the power of machine learning algorithms, and visualise the nation’s financial networks.

Connections made simple

Clarify connections

Qynn’s relational data structure connects the dots to reveal company-and industry-wide personal connections.

Micro, macro or both?

Reporting on demand

Qynn’s innovative reporting structure concentrates massive amounts of data into clear, intelligible reports.

Interactive real time

Interactive, real time

Qynn updates autonomously and in real time to keep you in the know.


With the Playground, Qynn allows anyone to easily visualise the networks created over a company’s lifetime. Fully customisable and fully variable, any company or officer network can be broken down by time, geography, cluster and hierarchy.

  • More than 5 million companies
  • Over 10 million individuals
  • Infinite levels of connections

Advanced machine learning algorithms power network and influencer visualisation within the Playground, granting you the critical ability to examine significant individuals around a company or officer. Every company map generated is unique and under your control; take a look at our samples for an idea of what the Playground can achieve for you.


What will you discover today?


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