Unlock and visualise any UK parental group company structure using our proprietary Hunter technology.

Connections made simple

Start at the end

See past the parent company and quickly identify the Company that has overall control of the target, and the group of companies.

Micro, macro or both?

Path finder

Quickly and easily identify each and every company in the target group chain from the first link to the end of the chain.

Interactive real time

Light bulb moment

Hunter represents the first publicly available PSC hunter for UK companies. In under 30 seconds, find out who really owns who and why.


Complex corporate structures can leave even the best accountants with headaches. Hunter revolutionises the process of PSC identification by creating a visual network of all group companies using our proprietary algorithms – in turn, providing a step-by-step guide to all sub-companies within the chain, including the ultimate parent company.

  • Applies to all UK companies
  • Owners include people, UK and international entities
  • Machine learning algorithms you control


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