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Qynn is the world’s foremost provider of corporate insight & information on the unlisted UK SME market. With thousands of data points updating in real time on a daily basis, we have 4bn+ data points across 5.5m companies covering 19.5m officers and 11m shareholders.

Happy customers

Really impressed. Simple concept and easy to use. Can see why the Qynn team are so evangelical!

Laura C, Esher

Love this! Using Qynn has saved me hours from my day and given us a market view we never had before.

Susan M, Manchester

Stumbled onto Qynn and it was like entering a Rabbit warren! There’s enough data to last me a lifetime!

Stephen B, Oxford

Discover a new perspective

Build, map, and visualise anything from local company finances and officers to industry-wide networks and connections.

Create and discover

Customise and build the data set you need. Profit and loss against cash balance? Solvency against debtors and creditors?

Connected data

Structure data as needed with our algorithms and get the complete picture.

Clarify connections

Reveal company- and industry-wide personal connections as Qynn’s relational data structure connects the dots.

On demand

Get clear, intelligible reports for massive amounts of data using Qynn’s innovative reporting structure.


Set up automated watch-lists with Qynn to monitor the companies and industries important to you.

Real time

Stay in the know with Qynn’s autonomous, real-time updates.

Mobile First

Access everything, anywhere, on any device - our data is at your fingertips.

Intelligent Exploring

Use our intelligent software and start producing meaningful findings right away.

New Perspectives

From the macro to the micro, control what you see with Qynn’s business intelligence filters.